Ring doorbell device delay

I installed a ring doorbell yesterday. When the bell rings,. The app has about a 5 second delay between what is happening at the door bell and what is seen on the app.

We have tested this with the app on both WiFi and just phone data,. And moved the ring bell right next to the router.

Also since connecting the ring device, the internet connection on other devices keeps dropping out. Internet connection freezing etc. I have tried rebooting the router several times,. And re ran the setup on the ring device

Does anybody have any suggestions at all please

Is it a battery powered or wired Ring doorbell? The battery models will take very slightly longer to send alerts than the wired models as they need to “wake up” when the button is pressed or they pick up movement. Also in general I find that Ring Doorbells work better on the 2.4ghz Wi-Fi and it has better wall penetration.