Ring Doorbell Connectivity

Never mind it quit working again within hours. I just installed the basic 2020 model and we will see if that works. The 2 spotlight cams I have are further and I haven’t had any trouble.

Check your wifi/channels somewhere it says what channels it likes but it ended up not working again within hours anyway in my case.

I was on hold for 57 minutes trying to reach someone from support, then had to hang up because I had to pick up my daughter from school.

How the heck do we get assistance fixing our wired Doorbell Pro? We spent over $200 on this thing about 2 years ago, then it suddenly went offline last weekend. I don’t want a silly coupon for a new device; I need help getting mine working again. It cycles through a solid white light, then flashes for a few seconds, then no lights for some more time…then repeats. Pressing the side button doesn’t do anything; I‘ve even disconnected / reconnected the wires. No change. Please help!!!

That I dont know, I made the mistake of buying directly from Ring. The new one I just bought from bestbuy for 100 plus $13 for like a 4 year warranty so I can just bring it in.