Ring Doorbell condensation??

Just spoken with live chat and have been told to apply anti-fog products? It has been good in Summer now the cold is here (UK) the doorbell is useless on a night? I paid £179 and £2.50 a month and an £60 CCTV camera is working perfectly? Do these need to be fitted inside which then renders them useless as a doorbell?

Hi @Steven0101 – this question has bene brought up a few times recently – try using the search bar to see what has worked for other neighbors!

I feel like i wasted money on 3 ring doorbells. We bought 3 of these only to have 2 of them be blurry from 2-6 am. Kind of defeats the purpose. That’s whem my family is sleeping. That’s why I need them to work. Someone was outside of my home last night and guess what. The camera didn’t pick them up because it was full of condensation. You can’t ever seem to get a hold of anyone with this company. I would’ve been better off using a real security company. May have paid more but I would’ve had the footage. My neighbors bought some cheap cameras and theirs don’t fog up. Seems this issue has been going on for a while. Seems like a recall issue. Security cameras should not fog up! Its summertime where i am. Its not even cold!