Ring Doorbell - Change Wi-Fi Network 'issue'

A couple of weeks or so ago i noticed that all of a sudden my android was no longer making ‘noise’ notifications, but yet i was getting the msgs when there was motion, etc. I checked my android and all notifications/sounds were on and everything else was working. I ignored it at that time and moved on.

A couple of days ago I had adjustments made on my Wi-Fi Network name and went to ‘Change Wi-Fi Network’ in the Ring application. All other devices found and connected just fine to the Wi-fi network at my home. I went to Ring to make the change, went through the process, as I have successfully done in the past, and in the step where it says to connect to the Ring Network when it appears to sync it up, when i selected the Ring network it responds with something like unable to access the network. I tried it multiple times and still nothing. It’s infuriating. . .

I can, however, ‘see’ video through it and it stores as required, but I receive no notifications as to motion or doorbell use. It’s not even 2 years old yet and i’m extremely frustrated.

Any recommendations on how to get past this annoyance so i can use this product as it was working previously???

Hi @loritheisen, thank you for sharing your experience. Which specific device is this occurring with?