Ring doorbell battery question

Has anyone had problems with their battery only holding a charge for a week? I have motion detection on frequent, otherwise it won’t pick up. I have nothing but trouble with the motion alters…that’s for another time☹️

Did you put on your people only selection on your app? It will ignore cars going by and only pick up persons. Helped my battery life.

I haven’t seen " People Only" in the Video Doorbell 2 app, only for the Video Doorbell Pro.

If you have a second battery, place second battery in your device, if the battery lasts longer then the first battery is bad. If second battery still only lasts a week, I’d definitely contact a person at Ring. I’ve had no problems with my Ring Video Door Bell 2; other then trying to buy an annual plan (that’s how I stumbled across your question). I even love the fact that Ring sends me emails telling me it’s time to change the battery, awesome. Be blessed.

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