Ring DoorBell Attracting Lizards

I live in Floridas and we have a lot of small lizards around. Lately the babies have started being attracted to the Ring Doorbell. It is driving me nuts. I get many motion detect warnings fior this. I do not want to turn off motion notifications but I have no other solution. I tried calling Ring Support for suggestions but they only understand scripted questions now. Ashame, Ring support used to be good and dealt with people who could think on there own, now it might as well be a bad AI because that is all they understand.

Anyone else figure out a way to deal with this?

I’m hoping neighbors in your region might be of some assistance with recommendations for this. Something I personally use to keep critters away from my entry way, is cayenne pepper. Most insects, lizards, and rodents will get one smell and never return. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, except it’s mice (northern latitudes). There’s no where for them to be going, but they seem to be attracted to the Ring doorbell. Is it the little red lights? The house is mouse-proofed in that area (had an expert examine it).

You are not alone… 10 alerts and I see maybe a lizard snout or a breathinglizard belly.
I think the lizards are attracted to the warmth.
Per my googling this morning, it seems that to repel lizards (not off ring doorbells) have included stuff like pepper spray solutions, coffee grounds and also moth balls. I will 1st try mixing some cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce with water and applying the spray in a large perimeter pattern on the areas around the camera. If that fails, I have a question to a PhD chemist friend to see if moth balls can be dissolved in acetone.