Ring Doorbell and Security system left for renters

I am renting out my house and would like to leave my RING Security system, Ring Doorbell Cam and Ring spotlight Cam for my renters. Is there a way for my renters to use the devices in their own name?

Hi @Pjlangle, I’d be happy to chime in and share some information on how the ownership of Ring devices works. The ownership of a Ring device is determined by which email address it was originally set up under. You have the ability to add other email addresses as Shared Users via the Ring App, but Shared Users cannot adjust the settings of the devices, only the Owner can. You can check out this Help Center Article on device ownership here.

If you’d like the renters to take over the ownership of the Ring devices and be able to manage them and adjust settings, you’ll want to delete them from your account. This will free everything up to be set up under the renters’ account. Alternatively, you can also add them as Shared Users if you don’t want to completely relinquish the ownership. I hope that helps clear everything up! :slight_smile: