Ring doorbell and ring stick up cam connection issue with eero pro 6

I have recently purchased and installed ring doorbell wired second generation, and two ring stick up cams wired.
I have also installed eero pro 6 mesh system.
I keep getting poor video quality on both the doorbell and the stick up cam.
It seems that my doorbell and my stick-up cam keep connecting to the eero furthest away from them. For example, doorbell keeps connecting to the eero upstairs and the stick up cam upstairs keeps connecting to the eero downstairs. The downstairs eero is very close to the doorbell.
I have tried resetting Wi-Fi connection, and rebooting the devices multiple times. I rebooted the Wi-Fi network as well. To no avail. They keep connecting to the eero that’s further away rather than the one that is very close. Because of that the connectivity suffers, and video quality is poor.
Please help. Tia

Hi @Highpoint. I looked into this a bit, and it doesn’t seem that eero allows you to force a device to connect to a specific eero node. The only information I could find on eero’s end is this article, which only briefly explains that the option isn’t available. While searching, I also found this Reddit thread where other eero users discussed this same concern, so you might be able to find some troubleshooting tips that could work for you. Some replies on that thread mentioned turning on Band Steering and needing to adjust which eero is their gateway. I hope this helps. :slight_smile: