Ring Doorbell 3 won't connect

I have a Video Doorbell 3. The battery dropped below 5% at one point, and it disconnected from the wifi. I tried replacing the battery several times, but it always reported 5%. The app reports the doorbell as offline.

I cannot do live stream. I cannot hear when the doorbell is pressed.

I just tried pressing the orange button for 15 seconds, put it in setup mode, but could not figure out how to reconnect it to the wifi.

Right now when I try to go to the device in the app, I just get the spinning ring, and nothing happens. How do I get my doorbell back online?

Note: The router has been rebooted a couple of times for power outages since the doorbell stopped working on July 17, so we can skip that troubleshooting step.

  1. Move WiFi access point as close to doorbell as possible, or vice versa
  2. Do a complete Reset https://support.ring.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4405018931604-How-to-completely-reset-your-Ring-Security-Camera

This is for the security cameras. Is there a page specifically for Ring Doorbells?

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Good luck!