Ring Doorbell 3 Plus showing hardwired but not charging. Battery Keeps dropping

I have had my doorbell since October. It has been hardwired since it was installed. This week I get a message that the battery is critically low. (3%) I checked voltage at doorbell and it is fine. I have no internal house chime, I am using the Ring chime devices. I only had time to do a partial charge on the the battery yesterday to 50% and it is down 48% today. App says its hardwired but not showing a charge indicator on the battery. I have done a full reset of the doorbell and still is showing the same. What should I do next?

Hi there, @earl81! With the Ring app displaying hardwired, this is a great sign that power is being received. Even when connected to wires, a battery powered Video Doorbell will operate primarily on battery power, then supply a charge thereafter. Fine tuning motion detection and limiting the use of live view can help to preserve battery life. Feel free to check out our Community post about battery drain for more information. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have a custom zone set up that is covering an area 5ft tall by 3ft wide. The battery is now down to 89%. It is detecting 1 to 3 motions a day. It does not seem to be recharging the battery the battery status is never showing a charging indicator.

Sorry - my impatience. I assumed that if I was able to go through the whole setup process, that the device was charged enough. Guess not. After I waited 2 hours, it powered up and continued working. It was just strange because it started acting weird directly after the firmware update.

Up and running now.

Last night I reset the doorbell and setup it up again. It finally started charging.

My Ring doorbell 3plus is hardwired but does not charge and runs down really quickly!