Ring doorbell 3 plus sensitivity problems

Have only had this doorbell for a month and at my wits end with constant notifications for motion. I have turned the sensitivity completely down and have made my sensor area just a small portion of the porch right in front of the door. Wondering if there is any other recourse besides returning it ? Not sure if there is a way to upload screenshots of said area.

Hey @Gobucks73. Yes, sharing a picture or video will give the Community a better idea of what adjustments need to be made. When posting, you should see an upload button (^ arrow pointing up) to upload. When attaching this video, you will need first gather the share link of the video. You can do this by going into the Event History in your Ring App and choosing to share it via email. From there, copy the link that is generated and paste the link in the body of your post. In addition, you can upload this video elsewhere, such as YouTube, and then share the link to the video in your reply.