Ring Doorbell 3 plus not detecting people after 1 month of using

I just bought my Ring doorbell3 plus last month and started using it.

Initially it works fine, whenever someone passed by, there were notification and events recorded in the Ring doorbell.

However, starting from last week, the doorbell has not been detecting any motion movement. like when the delivery person approached my door for delivery or my neighbour passed by (I lived in an apartment, there is a corridor outside my door). I was in the house and I knew such motions but the Ring wasn’t detecting anything at all!

I am sure the placement of the ring is correct, not too high or too low. Because it was detecting in the first month. I have trued to reset the ring to factory setting, change the configuration like Maximise motion sensitivity level, fully charge the battery, Motion Frequency as Frequent and people only mode. After a lot of trial and error but it still failed to serve its purpose. I am so disappointed.

Also the Singapore customer service hotline number in the Ring website are invalid. Both numbers are invalid. I really hope the problem is solved as this is a security concern now.

@EC Exactly how high is it mounted?

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@bemak187 It is mounted from the ground 145CM, there are 2 steps of stair cases (with 80 com width) in front of my house door.

Last week I sent it to the reseller to check and they said everything works fine and will not help us to send for repair. But I just took it back yesterday and it’s still not detecting people who walked pass my house. I literally saw people passing by and no notification from the Ring. I am so disappointed!

my video doorbell 3 has not been picking up any motions either. no mail man or any of the delivery people. It seemed to be working fine but now it has just stopped. Whats the point of it if it isnt going to do its job?! have i don’t what to do

Hi there, neighbors! If there is some motion detection, or inconsistent motion detection, this is an indication that your motion detection is working but settings need to be fine tuned. The most common method for optimizing motion is through trial and error. There are many motion features available in the Ring app, but as each home is different, some will fit your environment better than others.

Here are a couple help center articles, one about Advanced Motion detection, and another regarding Motion Frequency. These are just a couple settings I recommend checking, but feel free to make adjustments to all motion settings to see which ones work for you.

If there is no motion detecting at all, please check modes or motion scheduling, as well as confirm any motion videos that might be appearing in your event history but not notifying you. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: