Ring Doorbell 3 - Not connecting to BT Hub 5 or Via NetGear Extender

Connecting Ring 3 to BT Hub 5 - fails - device showing 2 white LEDs on the right which means not connected to internet… Also fails the same way connecting to a NetGear wifi extender (to the BT Hub 5). Hub/router configured for split 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz, with 5Ghz wifi disabled. Also using Channel 6 for 2.4Ghz wifi.

RIng 3 - works ok and connects to internet if connecting to cellphone with hotspot enabled so I think its something possibly with the BT Hub 5 and the Ring 3 connection through it.

Asking in here if anyone has had similar issues / fixes before going to BT support

who I’ve been told unfortunately aren’t much help in this area in the past.

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All fixed by replacing the BT Hub 5 with a new BT Hub 5 - (old one probably faulty in some way even though BT Support checked it out said it was working ok).

Note Hub 5 comes in A & B models - new one was model B.

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