Ring doorbell (2nd generation)

We have bought a ring doorbell 2nd generation and we have hard wired it in. On the app it says that the doorbell isn’t receiving power. Why is this happening?

Hi @hkeaveney! Is your battery fully charged? If so, please allow some time for the battery to drain before the Video Doorbell begins to use any attached wires for a trickle charge. It’s always good to check the power supply to ensure it is rated for 8 to 24 VAC. If your VIdeo Doorbell has been connected to wires for awhile and there is still not an indicator in the app, please ensure the Ring app is up to date. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


That helps a lot thank you.
How do you check how many volts the power supply has please? Is their a standard way to check?


Sorry another question.

Is that photo normal. Will it go away once the doorbell starts to get some “trickle power” through it?

Hey @hkeaveney. Chiming in for Marley here! If you’re getting this notice in app, then it is not registering the Doorbell as hardwired and therefore you will need to ensure the wiring is done properly and the voltage is correct, which also may require a local electrician. In addition, can you verify if your chime kit is compatible with the Doorbell by seeing if it’s on the list of compatible chime kits in our Help Center Article here? Let me know!