Ring doorbell 2020 reease - Can't stream Live after receiving Live Notifications

Hi, I have a ring doorbell 2020 release since 3 months.

When my trial protection plan was ended, I start having issues with the Live streaming, after I received Live notification.

The streaming always loading and nothing happen. On my android tablet, it pop Streaming error in a second.

Around 5 to 10 minutes after I received the notification, I can be able to initiate live stream request.

They replace my doorbell a month ago due to a battery issue, and today, my trial plan has ended and I start having the same issue with the new doorbell …

My WIFI and my RSSI signal are good. I have a wifi mesh plug less that 6 feet from my doorbell.

A month ago, the Ring tech support specialist told me they can’t do anything and need to submit the issue to Engineering, but I never got any feedback, update or reply.

For now, a good + to ring because they give me an extra 90 trial period of protection plan as a workaround of the issue but I will face to the issue in may if it still not fixed.

Anyone got a similar issue and were able to solve the issue ?