Ring Doorbell 2

I am the original owner of two Ring Doorbell 2 units. I have moved from the address where they were originally installed. I have since moved to live with my son and have taken the units with me and want to give ownership to my son where he can set up his own account.

I have removed both units from mu app. We are having trouble setting up the units at his home. We get the message to connect to that temp wifi but when we hit allow it just stops.

Can someone provide the necessary steps to get this ownership changed and installed at my son’s house please?

Hi @glarechiga! The Video Doorbell should certainly be able to setup the same way it did at your home. Please check the battery power to see if it needs charged, and attempt the setup while being close to the router with the Doorbell.

If you are receiving prompts about ownership, check out our Change of Ownership process as this might help for transferring the device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: