Ring Doorbell 2 will not live stream.

I completed all of the trouble shooting tasks, which were passed.

Hey @Cowboy. What does your phone say when you are attempting to load the Live View? If the device is taking awhile to active the device, we may need to look into your RSSI. You can find more information about how to find your RSSI and what it means in our Community post here. If you can, please let us know what steps you have done to troubleshoot and what your device health page is looking like so we can all assist further!

The RSDI is 49. My down stream is 156 mps, the up stream is 22.

@Cowboy Could you please attach a screenshot of what your device says when attempting to load the live view? Also, please let us know what troubleshooting steps you’ve had already done! You may also want to try to load the live view without the WiFi turned on on your phone.