Ring Doorbell 2 Sensitivity

if I set motion frequency on anything but frequent, will I get notifications anytime a person comes to my door?

Hi @xLarry. If there has been no recent activity at your Doorbell, the Doorbell should be able to detect motion and trigger a recording upon detection or upon a ding. You can learn more about the different settings in our Ring Help Center Article here.

The Ring Video 2 has 3 settings for Motion Dection: Frequent, Standard, and Light.

So it appears that if you set it to Standard or Light there could be someone on your porch and you wouldn’t be notified. This seems to defeat the purpose of having a camera?

Good question @xLarry! The motion frequency feature is an option for neighbors who do not wish to receive constant alert in high traffic areas, as well as preserve battery life. Enabling all zones, increasing sensitivity, and setting motion frequency to “frequent” is the best way to optimize motion detection. :slight_smile: