Ring Doorbell 2 ringing event not registered in app / no notification

Recently my Ring Doorbell 2 stopped registering if someone pushes the ring button:

  • ring event not registered in the app

  • no notification

This seems to be related to motion detection triggering shortly before the ring button is pressed. For now, as a workaround I have disabled motion detection.

I did not have motion notifications enabled, only the detection.

I already tried restarting / resetting the Ring Doorbell 2, without success.

No changes were made to my network, or to the settings of the Ring Doorbell 2 shortly before the issue started occuring. It has been working fine for over a year, combining motion detection and ring alerts without problems.

I have exactly the same issue. If it records motion notification then a few seconds later someone pressed then doorbell the event is not recorded. I called ring and they said its by design! If it is then it’s a rubbish design.

I have motion notification going to my phone and then ring notification going to all other devices, now most of the time no ring notications go to any device.

I have videos of people walking up to the door pressing the door bell but no notifications on the phone.