Ring doorbell 2 notifications stopped

I installed my ring last night about 8pm after it had fully charged. It is battery not wired. The notifications worked perfectly when I installed but this afternoon they stopped working. I have checked all the settings, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and did a re-set of the doorbell using the orange button and it still isn’t working. I tried to call customer service but it would ring once and then disconnect

Ours have stopped today too!!! Tried trouble shooting but no joy


Got exactly the same issue, tried all the same things as well. The phones and Echos have also stopped chiming, so I can only think it’s a ring server issue. On the list of server issues, chines and chime pros are not working and it also said notifications are being delayed.

Hey there neighbours. We apologise for the inconvenience. Our processing infrastructure is running behind which is causing delays – we are working to resolve it ASAP. No data has been lost and the system should be caught up shortly. Be sure to check for updates here.

Now all my notifications are ringing 4 hours later!

I recently got a new phone and transferred all apps to it, including the ring app but I’m not getting any motion or ring notifications on my new phone but getting notifications everywhere else in the house