Ring Doorbell 2 Not Working At Night

I just installed my Ring Doorbell 2 a couple of nights ago and it doesn’t work at night. I called in for support and was told that my porch light was causing it not to work. The recommendation was to move the Ring to the other side of the porch or move the porch light?? It doesn’t make sense to have the doorbell on the right side of the door when everyone rings a normal doorbell on the left side and I’m not moving a porch light. I find it hard to believe that you can’t leave a porch light on and have the Ring work. I’ve read through numerous threads and everything says for videos to be in color at night you need enough light. Well I have street lights and a porch light but all I see is black! I moved to a new state for the first time in my life, I was here less than 2 months, and my vehicle was stolen. I purchased Ring Doorbell 2 and Ring spot light camera. I’m nervous that the spot light camera is going to have the same issue because of street lights and flood lights. If neither work at night, why have them? I’m here during the day working from home, I need to see what is going on at night - Help please!

Hey @urkmanry. Do you have a Corner Kit for your Doorbell 2? I recommend installing this so that the Doorbell faces away from your brick wall. The reasoning is because the infra-red lights are reflecting off the brick from the angle that it views, thus causing this washed out look. If you install the Corner Kit so that the Doorbell faces more to the left, it should not reflect as hard or possibly at all! Let me know if this helps and if you need the link to the Corner Kit for your Doorbell, let me know if your have a Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation (non-removable battery) or Ring Video Doorbell 2 (removable battery). :slight_smile:

Hello, I have the removable battery and I have a corner kit. I currently have the angle base installed since I have steps leading up to my porch. Should I place the corner piece first and then the angled down piece prior to installing the ring? I have zone 3 (the zone turned off where the brick is located) but that isn’t helping. Thanks

@urkmanry Either way is fine, so whichever you think looks best, you can have the Corner Kit and then the Wedge Kit or vice versa! After you install that, you can continue to keep zone 3 out of the Motion Zone settings if the brick is still there, but I would recommend trying to keep the brick as much out of the Live View’s sight as possible, and turning that zone back on! Even with turning off the zone for Motion Detection, this does not affect the infra-red lights from reflecting off the Brick, as these are a different component of the device and not controlled/limited when certain zones are on/off. Let me know how this goes!

Chelsea, that definitely helped but could still use ideas of how I can get rid of the brick reflection. I believe that I had read that I should be able to see color in night vision of lighting is right. Is that correct for Ring Doorbell 2? I’m attaching a picture after adding corner bracket. You can still see the brick

@urkmanry Do you have another Corner Kit piece, or did you just have the one? You could technically stack yet another Corner Kit piece on there, and that should be the final trick to get the absolute best experience for you! If you do not have another, please try chatting or calling into support to see if you can get a spare one sent out to you, or you can purchase one here. Also, for the color night vision, that is only on our hardwired powered devices, which you can read more about here! :slight_smile: