Ring Doorbell 2 - No Motion Detection Since I Got It

Good Morning,

So I’ve had this doorbell for a little over a year and motion detection hasn’t worked. I figured I was doing something wrong in the app.

My mom wanted one for mother’s day so I got her one and set it up, and it works flawlessly. I researched a bit about the issue and a hard reset seems to have helped many users. I went ahead and did that, and it still doesn’t detect motion.

I have the zones set, it’s currently set to high for the detection part and alerts are turned on. We’ve gone through the setting on both my mother’s and my phone and they are pretty much identical except for the mapping of the detection zone.

When someone rings the bell I get an alert and can see them. But if someone were to walk up to my door but not ring it, my doorbell says nothing.

Any other helpful tips you might be able to have me try?


Michael in Iowa

Hi @Castaspella. I would try toggling OFF Motion Detection and Motion Alerts, then turning them back ON. I would also try adjusting your Motion Frequency to Frequent. You can read more about Motion Frequency here. Also, what is the RSSI for this device? I hope this helps!