Ring doorbell 2 Middle eastern installation

Greetings All,

I bought the ring 2 doorbell here in Qatar (i know my account says Egypt, but there is no Qatar in the options when it asked me), from a local supplier and i proceeded to install it myself on my home to replace my doorbell, but i found out that my doorbell here actually uses a full power 240 VAC supply, and i saw that some people that use a step-down transformer for such an install, but there were some issues regarding it working with the doorbell of the house as well.

So i wanted to make sure that if there is some kind of guidelines or tutorials for this type of situations, another issue is that i may have space for a step-down transformer but not that much, and from what i understand it will produce a lot of heat, but will it be operable even with such an installation?

as i saw people say step down transformers don’t let the ring integrate with the house doorbell as it has to shut down the circuit completely for that to happen, or am i getting confused here.

thanks for all the help in advance.


From which store did you buy it in Qatar? Can you please share with me the name and location of the store.