Ring doorbell 2 - Internal Chime 'ding dong' not working

I have a ring doorbell 2 connected with the two wires to work the internal chime.

I touched the two wires together to test if the chime works and it sounds the ‘ding dong’ like it should.

I attached the ring device to the wires and mounted on the wall, when i pressed the button the internal chime ‘ding donged’ and contined to workfor about a month or so.

for some reason since the power went off It now doesn’t sound the internal chime.

Iv’e resarted the doorbell by holding the set-up button down and have set it up as if its new again, I tested the wires as i done previous to see if the chime would work by touching the wires together, it worked. I reattach the doorbell to the wall press the button and the chime works.

Once connecting the camera to the app and pressing the doorbell it now only does the ring doorbell noise and does not sound the internal ‘ding dong’ chime.

I don’t understand why it is now not working? I’ve searched everywhere online to try and solve the issue and can’t find anything anywhere, I’ve tried contacting customer services and they are closed (when they said they close at 8pm and i rung at 7:30pm).

I’m not willing to pay out more for a ‘ring chime’ when it was working before.

Where are you located? Customer service has changed due to Covid-19.

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Was there ever a response or solution to this problem? I have the exact same issue with a Video Doorbell (Gen1)