Ring Doorbell 2 installation issue


I just bought a Ring Doorbell 2. I really wanted installation to be as easy as removing the existing doorbell, and installing the new doorbell in place. However, it looks like I have a “space” issue that may make installation trickier. The new doorbell is too wide to fit in the location of the original doorbell. Moving the location of the doorbell means having to cover up what’s behind the existing doorbell, and trying to move wires (because I don’t want to rely on the battery). What would be the recommended way of installing this unit? Please see picture attached.

Given the number of homes that I’ve seen that have a similar configuration to my own (at least hundreds and hundreds of homes in my area alone!), I am shocked that I can’t seem to find available for purchase a basic mounting bracket that is much smaller than the wide Ring Doorbell. I envision a steel bracket no bigger than the size of my existing doorbell. It would have one small hole at the top, one small hole at the bottom, and hole in the middle for the wires to come through. Attached to that piece would be a larger piece that you can pivot that is the exact size of the new doorbell. Mount the larger doorbell to the piece, adjust the angle so that it’s perfect, then attach a screw to lock the unit in place. After the doorbell is installed, it covers up the screws of the original bracket so you can’t even get to them. It just seems like it would make so much sense to have something like this readily available.

Return it and buy the Pro model.

The Pro model looks to wide to fit as well. It’s almost 2 inches wide. Measure the space where the doorbell switch is. You might need to chisel out the mortar from between the stones (just 3/4 of an inch should do) and lay wires in there from your existing doorbell switch to a point where the Ring can be mounted over the horizontal mortar space between the stones. Fill over the wires with new mortar.