Ring Doorbell 2 - "Install Cover" error when cover is installed

Hi everyone,

I have had my Ring Doorbell 2 installed for about two months. It was ringing fine, but today it started saying “install cover”. The cover has not been removed, and I am unsure what to do. I have tried unscrewing the faceplate and reseating it, but nothing changes. Other internet forums say something about installing a small plastic shim over a cover sensor, but I cannot locate where this sensor would be. Any help would be approciated!

Hey @dez11, could you attach a screenshot of this error message? Once we see this screenshot this should help us look more into this for you! In addition, you can try deleting the Ring app, rebooting your device (turning it off/on) and then reinstalling the app to see if this resolves the “Install Cover” message that you keep getting. Hope to hear back soon!

Hi Chelsea,

There is no error message display. My alarm station will sound off “install cover” instead of the normal chime. However, the cover is installed and screwed in to the bottom of the device, with all tabs located in their appropriate seats.

@dez11 When you say your alarm station, are you talking about your Ring Alarm Base Station? The Alarm Base Station will only give you audible alerts and tones for your Ring Alarm Devices, and not the Ring Video Doorbell 2. Knowing this, your concern may be related to your Ring Alarm Base Station and not your Doorbell 2.

If possible, could you take a video of it saying this audible message and attach that here? If you are unable to, it would still be best either way to reach out to our support team here, whom you can forward the video onto for further review and in-depth troubleshooting for your unique concern.