Ring Doorbell 2 hardwired and battery life draining

My hardwired Ring Doorbell 2 shows my battery is at 47%, i have never dropped below 99%. Power tests fine why is my battery losing life if it is hardwired?

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Hey @Steph4. In the event that you may be having excessive motion events, this could be draining the battery as well. When hardwiring the Ring Video Doorbell 2, you can get up to a 10% trickle charge a day to help keep the battery full, but with the excessive motion you may be having, this will restrict it from staying full. Have you noticed an increase in events? You can review these in your event history! If you see an increase in events (more than 10 events a day whether it’s Live View, motion, dings) I would recommend re-exploring your Motion Wizard settings to ensure it’s properly set up, or maybe purposefully reducing the sensitivity to help with this too.


I’m having this same issue! I haven’t had to charge my battery ever until this week. Now I have charged it twice this in 2 days and I only get 1 event before it goes from 97% to 0% and I have to recharge. This is not ok. What’s the point of having a video doorbell if I have to charge it twice a day?


My battery is dying after 1 day with a full charge. We live on a quiet road with not a lot of movement and we even have our movement limited to quite near the door so if a car does happen to drive past it does not pick it up. What is the life span on a ring as we have had it less than 3 years.

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Hey neighbors! If you are finding that your battery does not hold a charge longer than a day or two and you do not have excessive motion alerts happening, you will need to reach out to our support team here for this. They will be able to do advanced troubleshooting with you to see if they can get the device back to running how it should, or look into possible replacements of batteries or the Doorbell itself if you are within warranty! Please know that having this short of a battery life is not intended, which is why it’s encouraged to give our support team a call about this.

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have hardwired doorbell, shows hardwired but battery draining, so purchased a new battery but still draining! My unit is set to high settings hence the transformer! Am i doing something wrong ?


mine too at 47% today. Hardwired with brand new battery!

Mine is the same. Hardwired with new battery but still draining. What’s the point of hardwiring? Can’t say I’m that impressed!


Same here…down to 60% in 1 day. Even if the trickle charge isn’t working at all, how do I lose 40% battery in 1 day? This is only 2 months old. I am really rethinking the Nest which can run on this same power without batteries. No idea why the Ring cannot. This is a major, major problem.

Same here. My Ring Doorbell 2 has been working just fine for over a year, hardwired to my doorbell’s transformer. Until this week, that is. I was painting the hallway where the original doorbell is installed, and disconnected it, not realizing that would affect the charge to the Ring Doorbell. A couple days later, I was getting notices that my battery health was dangerously low. It had dropped to 10%, and that’s when I slapped my forehead and realized what I had done. So, I reconnected the original doorbell. However, a few days later, the Ring battery was down to 5%. So, I figured the charge is so minimal, that the Ring Doorbell wasn’t receiving enough of a charge to handle all the motion detections. So, I pulled the battery, charged it back up to 100%, and reinstalled it. Now, I’m waiting to see if the charge holds. So far, it’s held steady at 99% for a few hours. At least for me, it was an issue of disconnecting from the transformer, and letting the battery charge drop too low for the Ring to get a net positive charge.


Update: Since my last post, my battery is down to 88%. So, something’s definitely not right. For over a year since hardwiring our Ring, it has maintained 100% health, until just recently. It seems like the drain could be associated with the new Advanced Motion Detection option. However, when I enabled it, I reduced the area covered, compared to the default zone. So, I would have expected less drain on the battery. So, today I disabled that option. We’ll see if that has any affect.

Does Ring Support monitor these posts? It would be nice to hear from them.


Update #2: Disabling Advanced Motion Detection didn’t help. The battery charge was down to 80% this morning. So, I disabled the Snapshot feature to see if that has any affect. But, that’s not a permanent solution. I just wanted to see if it would slow the drain, or reverse it. Still, I shouldn’t have to disable any feature. So, I’m bringing @Chelsea_Ring into this conversation. I saw that she commented on a similar thread, and hope she can shed some light on this problem.

Hi @OkieInCO. Chiming in for Chelsea here. For this concern, it would be best to contact our support team. They can then run some diagnostics on your Doorbell to properly diagnose what is causing it to lose its charge. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Let us know what you are able to find!

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Well, I would but there is no support number listed for Canada. Only German, Spanish, French, English for UK and Europe.

By the way, your multi-factor authentication through e-mail works really poorly on an Android app because these notices come in the same app (Gmail) I need to run to check for my verification code - can’t run it twice so I have to go find a second device so I can log in!

I have never had an issue with battery life, am hardwired and also received a low battery alert yesterday. Not happy

SOLUTION: As suggested by @Tom_Ring and @Chelsea_Ring, I contacted support through their published telephone number. They guided me through the reset process, which wasn’t that hard or time consuming. But first, I had to charge my battery back up to 100%. That took the longest of all the steps. Initially, I didn’t think it worked, as my Ring Doorbell 2 battery health went from 100% to 95% in just hours, then dropped below 95% by the next day. But, low and behold, it started going back up and is currently at 98% and holding. I’m not sure it’ll get any higher for a while, as we live in a colder climate (Colorado), and it’s well publicized that these batteries have a hard time holding charges in freezing temps. But, we’ve had the Ring for over a year, and didn’t have any problems last winter with the charge getting so low that certain features started getting disabled (like Live View), which would have made the doorbell virtually useless. So, for now, we’re calling a reset the solution, and crossing our fingers that this will work, long-term.


Same exact problem!! My battery would last for almost a month on full charge but then we switched to hardwire in April. The device started to drain frequently in October and has been lasting only a week at Max before it needs charged again. I wonder if this is due to a firmware update?! Similar to Apple’s iPhone battery issues??

Exact same issue!! It seems like the device battery started draining in October. Did Ring push a firmware like Apple did with iPhones that kills the battery?!

Same issue with my brand new Ring Doorbell 3 plus that delivered yesterday. Charged battery to 100%. Hardwired. This morning it’s already at 92%!!! I miss my Doorbell Pro now!

I feel like I was ripped off!!! What is the point of hardwiring if it doesn’t sufficiently charge!


I’ve the same issue; disabled snapshots, disabled Advanced Motion Detection, attempting to reset the device back to the way it was last winter. I didn’t have excessive battery drain then, despite the extreme cold too. This winter I received a low battery email and warning. I agree with the others, the new features introduced by Ring are causing those users where temperatures play a factor to have a faster battery drain than a low voltage trickle charge can complete. Like the others, I’m wondering why I bought this doorbell to hardwire- what was the point when it is superseded by battery usage? Love the hardwired floodlight cams, but this electrical setup doesn’t seem viable any longer. Disappointed.