Ring Doorbell 2 detects everything but people

So we have searched the community boards for our topic and we see we are not a one-off issue. This appears to be a recent and ongoing concern for many ring doorbell users. How is It the device can pick up speeding cars, blowing branches, and fluttering moths but not a person walking up to the door until they have either turned around or are almost out of the frame? And save the ‘reset the device, reconnect to WiFi, use a wedge, set your motion sensitivity, etc, etc.’ advice. We have done all of that more than twice, as we are sure the others did, without any change in the device or its ability to see real people. This is an apparent firmware issue and should be addressed immediately by Ring. I wish we were not so invested in this device. Just so mad this has been nothing but a waste of time and money. Hopefully these concerns will be taken seriously. If something does not change for the better soon we will he throwing this unit in the trash and going with a different provider.