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OMG! Thank you. I deleted my history, uninstalled and reinstalled Ring app and I can actually hear the person at the door. I too wish it didn’t take so long in the app opening before you can see and talk.

OMG! Thank you. I deleted my history, uninstalled and reinstalled Ring app and I can actually hear the person at the door. I too wish it didn’t take so long in the app opening before you can see and talk.


Someone posted this. I tried it and it worked. Thank you to the author of this:
There are a few threads on this forum regarding issues with Samsung phones and mesh WiFi systems, but as far as Samsungs go, disable the event history in the Ring App, uninstall and reinstall it. and you can then talk to the visitor

It doesnt fix the lag between motion detection and notification but its better than it was.

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I have the same issue low speaker volume and using a Samsung Galaxy S10+

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Same issue here (Galaxy S10+). Tried the fixes and they help, but still kind of dissapointed in the doorbells speaker volume.

I have an old HTC phone and installed the app on it. Volume was a little better, but not much.

Hope Ring/Samsung get these issues fixed.

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So do we have to permanently disable the Event History (EH) feature? Can we enable it, and then just disable EH whenever we want to use 2 way talk, if someone’s at the door?

I think I know the answer because it sounds like uninstalling/reinstalling the RING app is also a key part of the low audio “fix.”

These problems are super frustrating and disturbing. What’s the point of having RING’s doorbells, if they don’t do what they’re supposed to do, allow us to see, hear, AND talk to people, WITHOUT opening the door or being home??

I’m really starting to hate these products. Too many quirks and I’m tired of having to uninstall/reinstall the app. It’ll do for now, but I’m searching for something else ASAP.

Hi neighbors. I truly appreciate your patience. I’m checking in with the devs daily and pushing for the fix. I am eager to get this to you all and will certainly keep you updated as information becomes available. Thank you, again!

Same here! My husband and I have iPhone 6s phones and we can barely hear what is being said through the ring 2 doorbell when using the intercom. We sound fine out I’d the device to the person on our front stoop, but when they speak to us through the ring 2, it is impossible to hear them. Please help!!

@Jplancon the team has *not* been able to reproduce on an iPhone. Do you have a video example that I can share with them?

As mentioned, it appears that some neighbors who have turned Timeline off seem to have better audio. I will continue to update this thread with more information as it comes in. I appreciate your patience.

This is most assuredly happening on iPhones. I’ve tested it on 10 S max and 7 plus and on four Rings. The workaround is to exit live you and then go back into it and the audio works fine. Or swipe the timeline to the right and then left again and that also seems to fix the glitch.

Hi @Jsd we brought up your concerns regarding audio with your iOS device. However, the team was unable to reproduce any poor audio. Have you recently talked to support? We’d love to discuss this with you in more detail. Would it be possible if we could contact you at the email address registered with the Community? Thank you!

Sure. However I have talk with Support and they tied into my ring doorbell remotely. They were able to duplicate the issue as far as me hearing them. The issue happens on all my iPhones I duplicated this on all three of mine in the house and my mothers who lives far away. The workaround is just swipe to the right in live view mode and then swipe back to live. This however is not an issue with iPads.

I had the low voice volume problem. One of the suggestions on this thread worked for me - not using the timeline feature in the app. Simply disabling time line wasn’t sufficient. The app had to be reinstalled and time line left disabled. I hope the app development team leaves time line disabled by default. My phone is a Samsung S8.

Same here. I bought the Ring Doorbell 2 with high expectations which it met. But the speaker volume is truly laughable. I now use the Ring Pro Doorbell instead of the Ring 2 and it seems to be a little better but I’d love to switch back to the wireless option.

I am having same volume issues at outside doorbell volume too low and I have an IPhone. Is there a fix for IPhones?

I installed my new Ring Doorbell 2 today, and noticed that the volume on the sound it makes when the button is pressed is loud, but once you try to talk to the person at the door, the sound is very low. I also have a S8.

Has this been resolved? What’s the fix? Thank you in advance.


If you have a Samsung, this may help. Disable the Event History Time Line in New Features menu, then uninstall the app, then reinstall the app. This may help, it certainly does with S9 and S10 phones.

(They have known about this for 4 months and still done nothing about it!)

Just bought a Ring Doorbell 2 this weekend and installed it a few hours ago. I do like the product and video, but like others, I feel the speaker quality is very disappointing. When testing with my wife, I can hear her pretty good on the phone end, but for her (the person outside at the doorbell) it wasn’t great. Audio seemed to cut out a bit (I have strong wi-fi at the doorbell) and even when audio transmission was smooth it was still very quiet. I do love the camera so far and would just love to see an audio fix. Thanks!

Phones tested were Samsang Galaxy S8 and S9+.

I have the SAME issue. This is so frustrating , i can hear the person ringing the doorbell fine but they cannot hear me. RING please fix this!!!