Ring Doorbell 2 can not connect to my Wi-Fi network.

After July 28, my Front Door Ring Doorbell 2 stopped working. My Back Door Ring Doorbell 2 is doing fine on the exact same Wi-Fi network and in fact is further away from the router than the front door is.

Wi-Fi Password has not changed since getting my internet. All other Wi-Fi devices in home are connecting fine. This is NOT the router it is the Front Door Ring Doorbell 2.

I pulled the batter from the Front Door Ring Doorbell 2 and waited a few minutes for any risidual power to leave the device. I put the batter back in. Swirling Blue lights (good sign), then after they stop I press and release the black button in the top right corner. White lights (good sign); except here’s where the good stops. The device will not connect to my Wi-Fi network. Yet as I hold my iPhone right next to the Rind Doorbell 2; I have full bars of Wi-Fi that it cannot connect to.

I’ve gone through the setup process 5 times and right after connecting to the Ring Wi-Fi and then asking for my Wi-Fi network and password; it spins and spins and spins white lights for far too long and then it fails at the connecting to your Wi-Fi Step. Before the Ring App can time out the Ring Doorbell 2 device will stop spining white lights and the two lights on the right will flash… then it goes dark and the Ring App on my phone will still say it’s connecting to the Wi-Fi network… NOT.

I’ve even checked to see that my Ring App is up to date and that there isn’t a newer version. I have shut my iPhone down and then restarted it.

The front Doorbell 2 is hard wired for power so the batter is 100%.

Any help would be appreciated since this is not working at all.

Sorry to hear about this @AtomicMrX! It sounds like you’ve completed all the proper steps for this to work. Once you’ve connected your Ring app to the Ring setup access point, returned to the Ring app, and then selected your home network on the next step, the device should certainly connect as long as the proper wifi password was entered and the network is within range.

As it sounds like you’ve got these bases covered, try enabling a guest network. More specifically, try enabling a 2.4 Ghz guest network with a standard SSID and password. If setup is still not completing, try the “add hidden network” option in the Ring app, found on the last step of setup. This will allow you to manually enter your network information for an accurate connection. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hi, I am having the same issue - ring 2 doorbell has lost connectivity to the wifi, checked on the app, says it is connected. No wifi issues but I did reboot the router and I’ve switched off 5GHz. However, that’s as far as my knowledge goes.

You are saying about setting up a guest network - I have no idea how to do that! and I can’t get past the ‘connect to ring network’ phase.

Why would this suddenly stop working anyway? I have been going round in circles for hours!!! as well as the white and or blue spinning circle!!!

So, had to do a hard reset - it’s currently updating but I’m more hopeful this time that it will connect now.

All up and running again - but same question as before - why has this happened???