Ring doorbell 1 will not go live

i have a Ring doorbell 1 that notifies me f motion and doorbell presses, but will NOT go live, and I can never watch the video captured. It does however capture the Snapshots at a regular interval. I have isloated the dates: on or before 4/19 i can watch all videos. Starting on 4/20 i cannot watch any recording, although they show in my Ring account online, and in the app. RSSI is 47, doorbell is hardwired. I also have a Ring Secuirty Spolight cam and Stick up cam Wired, and both those work fine. (although my stick up cam says “critically low battery” even though it has no battery and is plugged in…that is recent as well)

Hi @scottddavis71 ! That is super interesting. Have you performed a reset of your Doorbell? Try that and let me know what happens. Thanks!