Ring doorbell 1, flaking paint looks a mess

Is anyone else having this, its starting to flake to bits and looks an absolute mess.


Hey @ricflairandy. Could you show us a picture of this to reference?

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pictures attatched

@ricflairandy Oh, this is not how the product should look over time! Our Doorbells are weather resistant, but not weather proof, so if the Doorbell is subject to weather that could affect the Doorbell frequently or harshly, this could be why this is happening. Overall, if you’re interested in having this addressed, I do recommend to call our support team here! Otherwise, you may want to look at way to hide the Doorbell from adverse weather effects to avoid further wear and tear on the faceplate.

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I am having the same issue. I tried to get a faceplate but there is not one for this.

@8784mari wrote:
I am having the same issue. I tried to get a faceplate but there is not one for this.

Hello @8784mari ,

An alternative solution could be using a Protective Silicone Sleeve to cover the ‘flaking’ part of your doorbell.

Here’s what a sleeve looks like on my Ring Video Doorbell 2 in the pictures (you can see the IR LEDs because I took these pics at night). Although I have no ‘flaking’, I use the sleeve to better blend with my house exterior, and to add extra protection from rain and the sun.

For example, if you have a Ring Video Doorbell 1st Gen:



There are several selections of Protective covers available online, depending on your Ring model type. :slight_smile:

Lets be really fair and Logical, What’s the difference between resistant and proof, really !! And if there was not a problem why are there silicone jackets!!! And my doorbell is no where near exposed to weather, and it looks a mess and has been replaced twice, I had another in another area and that did the same…shoody…very…

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I am having the same issue, the center button on the ring is flaking off. Our ring is installed inside a enclosed shop, so no real weather exposure. I cannot find a center replacement button. It looks terrible.

Hi @JenniferT. You can contact our support team for any concerns regarding physical damage to your Doorbell, such as what you’re describing with the center button. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

I have a ring doorbell…maybe a few years old and it’s in a mainly protected veranda and the finish is a mess. Flaking and peeling, also faded….does nothing for the curb appeal….it doesn’t get wet and is not exposed to the sun……this should not be happening.
I’ll soon need to discard it. Too bad….not acceptable