Ring Door View Cam Issues

I rent an apartment, and for that reason was elated when I heard Ring had come out with a camera that mounted onto the peep hole already drilled on the door.

Installation was simple, but in the last couple of days of owning it I notice a few things:

  1. Motion detection is a hit or miss. Sometimes a car/person passing by the door triggers it, but only about half the time. I’ve changed settings from furthest to closest possible but unfortunately motion detection remains a hit and a miss. I’ve literally stood 1 foot away from it looking at it and I never get a motion sensing alert. However, a car 20 feet away passes by downstairs (I live on the 2nd floor with a street facing door) and catches it easily. Am I not warm blooded enough for it to see me…?

Today while at work I changed the settings more and more and no matter what settings or alert frequency, motion detection was an utter hit or miss. When I arrived home, I passed by my door on purpose…nothing. I waited a minute, passed by again…nothing…walked up to my door and starred at the door bell…nothing. Opened the door and it finally caught motion detection while I was closing the door behind me.

My apartment has a door that is sunk into the wall, meaning between the actuall hallway and my door, there is about 3 squared feet and then the actuall hallway/walkway. No matter what settings i tried, close or far, motion detection was lacking greatly. It doesn’t help that there are no motion zones like the other doorbells, only a very broad circular radius.

  1. I had began to make my peace with motion detection, I figured it’d still be an awesome doorbell with a camera. Nope. Audio is terrible. When you press the button to ring the door bell, the ring from the actual outside part is very loud, but audio in 2 way audio is terrible, and grainy in quality. It sounds like both parties are very far away.

Notes: When I did testing, I set so that notfications were frequent, not normal. I set motion detection to be as far out as possible and as close as possible. Wifi was at about RSSI -25, which is very good.

I also reset the device and redid the entire setup 3 times. It behaved the same way every single time.

I believe this 1st iteration of the doorbell needs a lot of work, and though some things (like audio) can be fixed with firmware, I just can’t see keeping a 200 dollar glorified doorbell that I can’t even rely on for motion detection or decent audio.

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We appreciate you sharing your experience with your new Door View Cam! Sorry to hear about your motion and audio concerns. In addition to increasing the sensitivity as you have been, I also recommend altering the motion frequency setting to “frequent” to ensure all motion is captured.

For the low audio on two way, this may be related to app performance. You mentioned the speaker being loud upon button press, but not during in app streaming. Others here in the community have expressed an improvement in audio concerns through uninstalling/ reinstalling the application, as well as toggling off the timeline feature. Can you try testing turning off your timeline feature?

Hopefully this helps to resolve these concerns, feel free to update us with the results. If these concerns persist, it may require more dedicated support in which a call to our support team would be the best next step.

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Is there a way to active the live view I have the option but it never comes on it just keeps loading…