Ring door bell

My phone updated and my ringdoor bell got deleted off my app. I tried to re add it and i get a message that says it is connected to my phone already and i have to unbind it first.
My app is not giving me any opinions but to add the phone. What do i need to do

I have two doorbells (different doors) at one of my rent houses and both doorbells used to show up on my Ring app (Android) phone but they’ve disappeared for some reason. All my other camera locations still show up on the app. The motion activation still appears to be working when motion triggers the doorbell but I can’t go into my app and call up a live view since these two doorbells are not showing up on my phone app.

Sorry to hear about this, neighbors! Please try removing the app and reinstalling it on your mobile device to see if this resolves your concern. If your Ring device is still not appearing, double check that the correct location is selected in your Ring app and that you are logged into the proper account. Please also check any additional locations that might appear in your app. Feel free to include a screen shot of this error if it is persisting.

Re: Ring door bell