Ring Door Bell 4 not connecting to wifi on reset

So I am having issues reconnecting my Ring Door Bell 4 to the wifi. When I initially got it, it worked fine for months, but then suddenly it went offline. Tried reconnecting by resetting the door bell as well as tried both 5ghz and 2.4ghz networks and still the door bell won’t connect to the wifi. No other device on the household is having issues connecting, including ring security cameras, so it is just the door bell. Any ideas?

Hi @1f8b975e45b0b7f6feb2c2d1a9274a. What is the rough distance between your Ring Doorbell and your wifi router? Typically we recommend no more than about 20-25 feet of distance between your Ring Doorbell and your wifi router, and a 2.4GHz network does have a farther effective range than the 5.0GHz network. Different building materials in your home and other objects like appliances may also cause some interference with the wifi signals. Are you receiving any specific error message or light pattern on the Doorbell when it fails to connect to wifi? This can also help narrow down what the problem is.