ring door bell 2

I have decied to connect my ring doorbell 2 to the mains using a mains adapter, can anyone tell me please do l leave the battery in or out, as ring say battery in ,my mains purchers website says leave battery out

Hi @Boz51. For any hardwiring that you do on the Ring Video Doorbell 2, you will still need the battery in the device. Without a battery, hardwiring support, which is to give the battery a trickle charge, will be unable to do so without a battery present. Please note too that even with excessive activity and battery drainage, if the trickle charge does not provide enough of a charge over the usage on the battery, there still may be times down the road that you need to remove the battery to charge just that physical battery. Hope this helps!

Not sure if i need to remove the battery and charge it with the USB cable if its hardwired. I have read that i need to have the battery installed, but not sure it gets it’s charge from the hardwired connection. Can you please provide more info?