ring door bell 2

ring door bell 2

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Having problems hooking it up can you help with this matter

Hey @Bigbigg62. It looks like your reply was marked as a solution. If you still need help with your Doorbell 2, please provide a few details on what part of the setup or installation process you’re at. I’d be happy to help once I have more information on what your concern is. :slight_smile:

I just replace old ring door bell with the new one. But it not recording motions

Hi @fitzgerald44! After setting up your new Video Doorbell it is best to configure your motion settings and allow it to update. Once completed motion events should capture and record a video. If you are seeing that motion is capturing, but not recording, please check on your Protect Plan subscription to ensure it is still active on your account. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Am having problems with my Device Health check as the RSSi is saying 62 I have gone and get a WiFi booster to help it but it’s still having the problems

Hi @Kezza1990, happy to chime in here. A higher RSSI as you mentioned can cause connectivity problems with your Ring, which may be what you’re experiencing. I’d recommend checking out our Community Post on RSSI and how it works here, as it will also link to some helpful articles on how to improve the signal your Ring is received.