Ring Door Bell 2/Alexa - spinning blue light/4 red lights

I just setup my Ring 2 Video Doorbell and enabled the Ring skill for Alexa.

When the doorbell rings, on my Alexa, I say “Alexa talk to the Front Door”. The video comes up, I can talk, etc.

Then I say “Alexa end” and the video goes away.

At this time - the Ring has a spinning blue light (clockwise) and the 4 red lights up by the camera on are. The door bell can’t ring anymore, my phone Ring app can’t view the live video, etc… it is unresponsive. One time after about 5 minutes it seemed to reset and I was able to ring it again - but most times I just have to pop out the battery and reset the Ring.

Any thoughts? It is like after using the Alexa skill to view/talk, the Ring becomes unresponsive.

Hello mfardig,

If you haven’t done so already i would recommend contacting community support either via phone or chat so that they can take a look and run some diagnostics on your doorbell to see what could be causing those issues with it becoming unresponsive.

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