Ring device range

I am considering the Ring devices to install around my property, I would like to know what the range of these devices are. My driveway is 1000’ long and I would like to put a light and camera at the gate, but would they communicate with the base station 1000’ away inside the house?

Great question @Colonel , at that distance it would likely be out of range of the Bridge. The Smart Lighting Bridge can communicate quite a far distance, however the maximum reach is also dependent on interferences between the Bridge and Smart Light. Want to tell us which device you’re looking at and we can further assist?

i would like one of combo flood camera lights at the gate, i have no issue with additional lights down the drive if that helps the signal get to the house, but i am open to any suggestions

With Smart Lighting, signal only travels from the Bridge to the specified Smart Light, and does not jump from Smart Light to Smart Light. The good news is that the command to trigger will jump from device to device as long as they are in a group.

For example, your gate may be too far from the Bridge for your application to control that Smart Light, but if Path Lights are on the way from the Bridge to the gate and are in a Light Group with the Smart Light on your gate, then lights will trigger each other as intended. Keep in mind that it is best practice to keep these devices within reasonable range as operation is much more consistent this way.

Another option may be one of our Spotlight or Floodlight Cameras. However, given the distance, this option might also require an extender that is rated for outdoor use as you’ll need one half way between your gate and your router, along with very efficient Wifi.

Please let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

I have the same question - doné see an answer. What to install Floodlight cam 1000 feet away from the house


Hey @mikeraut. The Floodlight Cam will connect to your wireless router in your home, so the best way to tell if the Floodlight Cam will work 1000 feet away from your router is to see if you can connect to your wifi that far away. In most cases, wireless routers cannot go too far from the home, so this may not work out for you.

I have a similar question as the OP.

I am currently using the Bridge to connect with several Ring A19 bulbs off of my main router.

I have a Ring Doorbell at the back door connected to my wifi extender.

I want to also use a pair of Ring PAR38 floodlights in the backyard and a pair of Ring A19 bulbs in the extended garage (past the backyard).

Would I need another Bridge to connect to my main router or wifi extender? Or is it even possible?