Ring Desktop App will be Discontinued

Ring Desktop App will be Discontinued this is devastating, why would you do this??? Live view on your website works randomly. What happens is that you have put us between a rock and a hard place, when the time comes to upgrade, doubtful it will be Ring.


+1 on that. I cannot get the live views to even show up on ring dot com, they just spin and won’t load. It works on my phone though.

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I can’t get live view to work on my phone or through the ring site. Not impressed and planning on returning my device. Too expensive for something that doesn’t work as advertised.

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Hi neighbors, we understand your frustration and appreciate your feedback. You can now access Live View from your Ring.com account through your supported web browser. Depending on what device you have, this feature update allows you to use two-way talk, enable sound, activate your siren, or turn on the lights.

Once again, we do appreciate your feedback on the discontinuation of the Ring Desktop app and we will be sharing it with our team. Please see our Help Center article here for more info on this. Thank you for your understanding!

Ring is going to eliminate the PC RING DESKTOP app on Oct. 15th 2021 and when you read this announcement here: Ring Desktop App will be Discontinued on October 15, 2021 – Ring Help , it says how to get access to this is by certain links. I had to download Chrome to my computer and I STILL can NOT GET LIVE view of my RING cams as of today Sept. 10 2021. I have HIGH speed internet, 1 gig up and down, and I can NOT see LIVE view of my Ring cams with this new set up you are forcing us to use. When I launch the original -and WHY I bought your cams app on my Windows 10 PC, it launches right away, I can get to LIVE view immediately! Why are you killing this BEFORE you got this NEW way to view LIVE on our PC’s?! Such utter BS. Seriously, WHY would you put the cart before the horse? RING / Amazon needs to get their crap together on this! I am a Ring subscriber as well as a Amazon Prime member. FIX THIS BS NOW - seriously, this was thought out so freaking wrong. FOR EVERY ONE COMPLAINT, there are at least 10 that go unheard!

UPDATE!!! 9-16-2021 (Apparently in the CHROME browser you must allow MIC to work in order to view RING LIVE VIEW)

I finally found out how to fix this so called enable MIC in Chrome browser (even though I do not have a mic on my Windows 10 PC) In the Chrome Browser, you must go to SETTINGS, then on the right side look for SITE SETTINGS and enter that. Then scroll down VIEW PERMISSIONS AND DATA Stored across sites and click on that.
Once there, I went into account.ring.com - HERE is where you can select MIC TO ALLOW as a setting. (the default was ASK/ default)

Then I went back out and also did the same for ring.com
NOW IT WORKS as LIVE VIEW in the Chrome Browser with my 3 RING cams.


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Yes you can access live view unless you use Safari…