Ring Desktop App Discontinuation

  1. Yeah, businesses never ever change direction right? They always stay the same boring course right? Big successful business do that all the time, right?
    Anyway, it’s a good thing they are dumping the app and going an all-browser direction. Will it always be that? Who knows? But it is what it is and continuing to complain about it over and over and over is just a waste of time and effort. Luckily for me, I NEVER used the app and have been happy with the browser app and keep seeing improvements made there. Lets hope they at least keep doing that.
  2. No, it’s called that’s how they want to run their forum. I’ve encountered many forums who don’t have the toxic dislike flag that is mostly used to insult people. They do have the voting (Features) section where you can upvote, if you want, people’s feature suggestions. Maybe you should check that out. I know I don’t always vote on stuff, and sometimes I leave a negative, but constructive, opinion. Please back up your accusation of Ring Leadership lying? Have they posted something pattently false?
    Yeah, I didn’t think you had either.

Good luck, and it appears Ring devices aren’t for you. That’s always a very viable option for folks.

The browser app is pretty useless. You can’t set anything up. I hope you are fixing this pathetic interface.

Go to the Devices page and select the + (in the title bar for Security Devices) and you can add items.

I’d like to add my dismay that Ring is not planning on keeping the Windows App updated other than security updates. To suggest an alternative is to load up a webpage is both unhelpful and short-sighted.

I think people would like an App running in the background looking for people on the front drive of their properties. They want the convenience of it being ‘there’ and not having to load up a webpage at the start of a day to ensure they get notifications. Come on - it doesn’t take that much to implement!

+1 for not cancelling the desktop app.

The discontinuance of the desktop app was a mistake. The two-step auth makes using the web based version useless with the delay it causes. If I had a Ring security system this would make sense, but for a doorbell all I need is access to my video. Please bring the desktop app back and or allow the web app to recognize the device its on and not authenticate.

Can you post WHEN you will discontinue the desktop app? I am old and to have the speed of opening the desktop app when I need to see the front door is invaluable to me since I use computer more than a cell phone. Therefore, having to log into the cell phone to get a code and waiting for ring.com to come up is frustrating and lengthy. We (a gentleman in WA state and I in OK ) purchased the ring because we could readily see who is at our door. We need fast for security, not slow and cumbersome for Ring’s convenience. patsy

Never mind. This browser thing is just not working. I re-installed the old desktop app and hope it continues to perform better than the two browsers, Safari and Firefox, for a long time.

With the desktop app, I see the video pop up easily. Everything works.

With the desktop browsers, the functionality is spotty. No video pop up, just a logo to click and then the browser opens and then I have to enter a 2-factor authorization pin that was sent to my phone. That is not practical, by the time I get to that, whoever was out there is long gone.

I’m using the old app.

Since you already are using a phone why not use it when you need a quick check/peek? Use the dashboard when you looking back at history.
It’s what I do.

Oh, I also use the feature to “remember” my login for 30 days so I don’t have to enter my 2FA every time, just username and password.

Could you please share that installer for the old desktop app with me?

That’s a very bad idea.
Never, ever, trust a source of software that you can verify as being legit. Grayday may very well be honorable, but you can’t be certain of that and you open yourself up to possible malware.
I hope you don’t routinely install software on your devices that you have no certainty of authenticity.

This is a bad idea imho.

The Web app (both in Safari and Chrome) is poor at best and in my case causes major functionality issues.
Basically, I can set up my alarm sensors so that all door/window contacts are classed as “secondary” and on ly the main front door is a “main door”.
Everything works fine.
However, I then login on the web and AS SOON as I click on a sensor, if it’s a door contact the web interface switches it to “main door” mode and I am unable to switch it back (do it manually but it still remains “main door”).
I have to log back in to the iPhone app to correct things back to what they were.
Motto of my story? NEVER log in to the web interface as it will ruin your settings.
This is a MAJOR issue with the poor web interface and why I feel you shouldn’t deprecate the standalone desktop app.

Hey @DrGaffer. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve notified my team about this and it will be investigated. In the meantime, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Another vote for keeping the desktop App!!!
Recently, the Echo Show on my desk is useless for viewing the Ring doorbell or camera.
IF I tell Alexa to Show Back Door or show Front Yard, she says OK and does absolutely nothing. Whereas with the Desktop App, three clicks and I am seeing what I want!
The desktop app is the only thing keeping me from junking both Ring devices!

note: I have disabled the Ring App and restarted the Ring App on Alexa, and that did nothing!

Considering the Ring Doorbell desktop is still slated for discontinuation, is there an open source or third party desktop app for the Ring Doorbell?

I need something that will work with my computer and automatically show the doorbell video as my hands do not work well enough to use the smart phone or web apps in time.

The Ring website now allows notifications, I assume as a replacement to the desktop app.

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I have found that the Ring.com notifications do not work unless the page is open and active. It was supposed to still work even if you close the tab; however, that is not the case.

This needs to be fixed, or the desktop app needs to stay.

I’d echo hi808’s message. I work at my Mac much of the day. It’s more convenient to answer the door when someone rings without having to get the iPhone out of my pocket. I decided to replace my old Doorbell 1 with a new Doorbell 4, as he old doorbell lost its ability to detect motion some years back. And I found out today that the Mac app doesn’t know about the Doorbell 4. The browser log in is not a substitute for a working desktop app. And I have a suspicion that testing the browser version today disconnected my new doorbell from the Chime Pro. Not yet sure about that. Either way, my options are to use the iPhone only, or I may reinstate the Doorbell 1 and return the Doorbell 4.