Ring Desktop App Discontinuation

Possibly the worst idea ever. Taking a working, easy to use app and discontinuing it to force people to use Chrome of Edge, and almost usable interface, is an insult to your customers.


Please don’t discontinue the desktop application for windows. It is a much smoother way to quickly check the doorbell. I bought the ring doorbell instead of competitor products because of the desktop application.


Regardless of whatever new features you might add to the browser-based version of the app, the fact that logging in (sometimes with 2-factor verification) adds a significant delay to live-viewing the cameras. If motion is detected on my property I need to see what’s going on as quickly as possible. Honestly, I think most every Ring user would agree. Have you somehow forgotten that Ring cameras are a “security” product? Dropping the desktop app is a considerable downgrade to your entire platform! Am I against having access through a browser-based app? Certainly not. It has it’s place. But under no circumstances should it be considered a viable “replacement” for the desktop application. In the long run, surely your decision the drop it will be viewed as a very poor move. What a great opportunity for your competitors!


So it’s still “we don’t care” from Ring about this? I feel so loved by this company and service that I pay for. [/sarcasm]


I’m quite ■■■■■■ about this move. The sole reason we purchased and been a subscriber for 3 years was for the ability to have both the desktop and mobile apps. My son has autism and he fully uses the desktop app. Time to look for other options. Thanks for looking out for the special needs community, Ring!


Totally agree, this is the stupidest move I’ve seen a company making. Desktop apps are always more convenient to use than browser applications, especially for the use case with cameras.

No one with the right mind could recommend a browser-only strategy for Ring products. I know of no Ring user in our neighbourhood who doesn’t hate the fact that the desktop apps are being discontinued.


App updates are seriously among the smallest problems for desktop app users.

Everyone here (and everywhere else, too) would opt-in for continued desktop apps. They are the reason to choose Ring products over others.


I’m finding many applications, not just Ring, that are prejudiced against older people. Likely Ring and other companies hire new, near adolescent, programmers who live exclusively with their cell phones.

Managing my devices, including electronic items such as my thermostat, are far easier on my desktop/laptop.

As a security device I would expect many options to view my home cameras as a basic feature. Like sirens, security issues need to be broadcast far and wide immediately.

Why deprecate or eliminate the product entirely? Keep it until you have something better and start hiring older programmers who know how to program with Mac, Windows, and Linux in mind.

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but isnt the Ring app just an embedded ‘browser’ anyway?

Very poor decision by Ring. How does a browser remain ‘always on’ so that the functionality of it actually works? a typical user closes browser window/tabs when not used (and having too many open causes problems on some computers).

A stand-alone app is essential because

  • it can be started automatically at login
  • it can be kept open even it crashed or accidentally quit (via a cronjob)
  • and automatically logs in

There is also the other matter that Ring.com wont support Safari on macOS for 1 year (at least, most companies fail to meet rollout promises). So they are deprecating the App whilst not providing an alternative. I do not permit the use of Google Chrome in my company for various reasons, and I am not alone.

If there is no desktop app then the product is not fit for the purpose for which it was intended, a browser/website cannot perform the tasks that the app can do, which is monitor and provide live notifications, I will be asking for my money back.


Please reconsider discontinuing the desktop app, or at least replace it with a simplified background utility that lives in the menubar or system tray to provide live video popups and the ability to answer rings without going to the webpage. I’m fine with having to use the app or webpage for more advanced functionality.

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If you want to lose the lead in home security, this is a great way to do it.


Terrible idea unless you change the login process.

Every time I switch to the ring tab I have to login FOUR TIMES, and thats not including the times the 3 “pick the correctly positioned animal” pops up, and by the time I’ve logged in the sound I’ve heard outside is gone.

Google Chrome? The worlds most compromised browser? Because hey, Google is now evil much less doing no evil. Edge? Likewise. But not the more secure browsers ? Yeah I know, but everything is relative.

Just now sitting with the laptop (MacBook) heard some commotion and thought to check on what it was. Oops. Live View is not available in your browser. Suggest you get Chrome and just give all your data to Google. Or Edge (which isn’t going to work so well with your Apple. Oh well).

As several someones have noted even if I wanted to go pickup the phone the screen is much too small to be useful most of the time. No matter how ginormous your phone is.

I’m afraid to ask. If I pulled out the iPad is the app for it still working?

This is one of those corporate occasions where the suits think they have a captive audience. But soon as someday somewhere someone markets a solution just like the one you did originally we’ll all be gone in the blink of an eye.


I was skeptical about abandoning the desktop app for the web app, but after having it for a few months I can confidently say that the web app is garbage. I need an app (whether desktop or webapp) that has one-click live view. If I want to get to live view with the web app then I bring up a browser, click on my shortcut, type in my username and password, get an error page saying I need to enter two-factor authentication, wait for the 2FA text, enter the code, then sigh as my live view is now displaying nothing because of how long it took to get to it. All the webapp is good for is a daily dose of disappointment. The webapp will never be secure without 2FA and it will never be useful with it. Bring back the desktop app or give me the ability to build one for my Ring device on my own.


Just tossing my 2 cents in the mix. Ring.com is not 100% feature rich yet, so far I’m noticing these critical features are missing which are critical for our business to respond to visitors in a timely manor.

  1. Sound & Push (Win 10 Toast) notifications missing. Yes, read that’s it’s being worked on but I’m not sure how you can remove the desktop app without these features in place before shutting down the app.
  2. Ring.com browser sign out seems to happen after 30 minutes. You can’t expect our users to sign in every 30minutes in order to receive event updates & notifications.
  3. The browser is not as responsive. The video in the browser seems to lag when loading live view and the first few videos of the History. After that load (buffer?) period, things seem to work as expect. Not a deal breaker but definitely not as responsive as Desktop App.

I was disappointed to see that the Ring Desktop app for Mac OS is being scrapped but have been trying to use the web app as a replacement. The problem I’ve been having is that it keeps logging me out after a short time so whenever the doorbell rings I don’t have anywhere near enough time to log in again and open the doorbell camera!

This basically makes the app useless to me - I’m on my computer all day and need to be notified and able to respond to people ringing my doorbell quickly, which is simply not possible with the login timeout that the web app has.

It’s a nice app once you’re in, but sad to say it’s just not fit for purpose as a result of this issue.

I fully understand the need for security etc. so please don’t explain that to me (I’m a software developer myself) but aggressive session timeouts defeat the whole point of the application - this hasn’t been thought through at all.

Is there any plan to solve this issue for the desktop or is Ring essentially a “mobile only” solution now?

If not then PLEASE consider maintaining the current desktop apps to at least provide the basic functionality for us in future.

Note for the development team: if you don’t want to maintain the desktop app UIs, the desktop applications could simply become local token-providers to allow the web app to silently authenticate without requiring the lengthy input of credentials every time?

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This is absolutely terrible. A browser solution is no way a replacement for an app. Who wants to sign in every 30 minutes.


I came here specifically to throw in my support for the Ring App.

Why on earth would Ring discontinue an app that gives people instant access to their live camera notifications without having to lift a finger?

Why does Ring think it’s more convenient to ditch the app and instead have the user bring up their browser, go through the process of logging into their account, losing several seconds to almost a minute to gain access to their feed?

This is ludicrous.

Why does Ring have to ruin this wonderful experience that their users have been enjoying in favor of a more complicated portal experience?


Please do not discontinue the desktop app, this makes no sense and is very inconvenient for many many reasons!

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