Ring Desktop App Discontinuation

Or it could be because there’s a push for Progressive Web Apps that a developer builds for web standards that should work across a wide variety of platforms instead of developing for particular hardware/operating system combinations.
I bet back at Ring HQ they have the pretty charts that tells them how many people actually use the Windows desktop app vs. phone app vs. web app and that comes into the decision process. I know I’m one of those that has never even installed the Windows desktop app and I imagine I’m not alone in that regard.

It’s a shame to see companies sabotage themselves like this. This decision will make our homes less secure because we won’t be able to keep an eye on our homes with the efficiency that the desktop app provided. Not everyone can have their browsers open 24/7 but running the Ring app in the background was brilliant and super convenient. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it and it certainly ain’t broke! Will unfortunately have to get rid of my Ring devices because of this.


Horrible, horrible! What are you doing canceling the desktop app. I use it all day long.


Hey Ring folks, thanks for the update. I am commenting to reinforce the objection to discontinuing the Ring Desktop app. Removing Ring Desktop is materially changing the product and will force me to remove all ring devices in favor of another security solution. I see that you’re developing similar features on Ring.com… however, this does not offer the same seamless experience that the desktop app allows. You currently have a great product… but, removing the desktop app would make your product cumbersome and inconvenient. It ain’t broke… why are you trying to fix it?


It appears this file naming convention issue is falling on deaf ears. IT IS HUGE to those who store past events.

I posted this on 13August and got NO RESPONSE from RING:

That does not solve other unique features of the desktop app. The most critical is the the naming format for video downloads from the desktop app:


It is the only download app that uses this file name. All others assign a cryptic numeric code that does nothing to describe the file contents. Unless this is moved to the web application then I have little hope of using downloaded files for documenting activity around my properties and storing them in a sane and rational library on my laptop/desktop.

The recent change to the web app (ring.com), where camera files are only observable from the “History” tab, and not the camera by camera lists available on the “Devices” tab, means I may never be able to use my sizeable investment in cameras as I have in the past. It is bug-ee, inconsistent and often locks up. This may be enough motivation to discontinue my Ring network and go to another product line. Nine devices on my network and now I won’t be able to discern one downloaded file from another unless I take the time to individually name them. An impossible task to keep up with the 20-40 files I download per day.

If you take away this app, then you MUST move the file naming convention for downloads to the WEB app!


If you have a specific feature that you’d like Ring to implement, it’d be better to post in the Features Request Board so that folks can vote on it. If enough people do, then Ring developers might take notice and add it to their app(s).

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Its crazy that there is no open end debate about this decision with as many posts on here, reddit and other sites of users crying out for a reconsideration and to NOT discontinue the desktop app. It’s like they don’t even care to receive customer’s input. The very customers that purchase their products and keep them going. And I very much disagree with the decision, especially with a big concern such as the filename discrepancy.

Since y’all wont reconsider, don’t be surprised when your customers reconsider their commitment to Ring and ultimately choose another service.


Im only replying to shoutout #ATX #512 :stuck_out_tongue:

The Windows app was one of the deciding factors in purchasing the system. I have invested heavily into the Ring infrastructure & now with no REAL reason you are crippling it. I work from home and the Windows toast notifications let me know when someone is approaching my property. I mute my phone notifications during the day and I don’t want to have an unnecessary browser open on my desktop! The Windows App sits quietly in the background and does its job perfectly - ‘toast notifications’ and ‘audio pings’. Your customers are asking you not to remove the functionality - Do the decent thing and listen.


This is probably the end for me and Ring. I work on the third floor of my house. I want to be alerted when something goes on, but I don’t want to have these alerts on my phone when I’m sitting by the front door. So alas. It was fun while it lasted. Bye.


I use the Mac App all day just leave it open in the dock. Now that I will have to use a browser to have it open is a waste of resource on my Mac. Might have to look for a different doorbell. This is a very bad idea.


Hey neighbors! Thank you for your continued feedback here. I wanted to post an update on this discontinuation. By December 31, 2021, you’ll be able to access Live View and get motion alerts, ding notifications, and all the latest features on ring.com – no app updates necessary! All your favorite desktop app features will be coming to your preferred web browser. As part of this change, the desktop app will be discontinued in January 2022. Please check out our updated Help Center article here to answer all questions you have on browser availability, features and other commonly asked questions.


I’m sorry, but that’s just not true!

The single most important feature to me - and the reason why I chose Ring over the competition - is that when the bell rings, a window pops up front & center, immediately visible (at least, when it’s all working properly). You are taking that away from your users. How are you planning on refunding me for functionality I bought and paid for, which you’ve now removed? Or should I just return all the kit for a refund, along with the expense I went to getting it installed?


Here’s a radical thought! Instead of simply sun-setting the apps, why not open-source them and let the developer community move them forwards?


I for one would never entrust my login credentials to some 3rd party app open source or not.

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So my favorite feature of the desktop app is that I get a window notification instantly on my computer and click on the notice and opens up the desktop app and the video loads in a couple of seconds. So this feature will be with the web version?

As of right now the notifications on my phone can take up to 30 seconds or more to come through. Video connection coming through my Echo Show can take a minute or more or even not at all.


Not updating the desktop app in the interim 02/2021-12/31/2021 has left me with a new Doorbell 4 I can’t even see on my computer or get live view on ring.com. Bad planning on rings part leaving a gap like that especially with all the new ring products coming out(Doorbell 4) . Dennis



There is a downside to the ‘Live View’ mode both on your website & phone app. It doesn’t stay in Live View mode for long.

Can you please fix so that it doesn’t loose connection or it resumes connection if it disconnects?

I have a tablet that I want to setup as permanently in live view mode using your website but i keep getting the attached.

Also, include Opera.com browser in the browser compatibility list. it is more secure than Firefox & Edge.

You should put this in the Feature Request Board and enough users vote for it then Ring developers might take notice.


This is a complete lie! I know as a developer, there is ZERO way to allow a “pop-up window with live view” when you get a movement notification from Ring in a browser… EVEN SAFARI ON MAC!.. This is the ONLY reason I use ring, because I can make this happen on my Mac…

I will be cancelling my Ring service, and throwing away all 6 of my cameras and moving to a homekit only solution through iCloud if the desktop app is discontinued…

You have been informed, ball is in your court Ring…