Ring Desktop App Discontinuation

I use the browser version to view my alerts all the time without issue.

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If this comes to fruitation, I will cancel my subscription. This was one of the selling points, do sway my purchase.


I see I can do live view in Google Chrome but I really despise using Google Chrome.
Firefox is my browser of choice. Running Linux, Edge is not an easy option.
I do occasionally boot into Windows to use the Ring app. Not often but I hate to see it disabled.
A Linux app would be nice, or get the browser version working in Firefox.
As for having to use a GD phone, I hate them with a GD passion and it’s usually “somewhere over there”, not in reach because a phone screen is too small for my aging eyes. The aging eyes of an older person who could make the most use of security cameras BTW.
Just now when decided to post here, I got a friggin two factor verification message. I wish I could opt out of two factor. It’s bad enough when a darn code gets send to my email and I have to do a copy/paste (or was I forced to do a cntrl-v?) but having to go get the stupid tiny phone and try to read it makes it not quite worth the effort.
Imagine “Motion detected at the front door” and having to go through a two factor authorization before being able to do live view. By that time they’re gone.

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This is not what we want. We do not want to faff about with a website, worry about browser compatibilities, bells and whistles and gawd knows what else. Ring is only doing what they want to do. This is not meeting the needs of your paying customers.

So to take your own words… we, your customers, “strongly encourage” you to abort your plans to discontinue the desktop app.

In case it’s not quite clear:

Just keep the desktop app going. Period.

Quite simple really.



@Chelsea_Ring Thanks for the update and clarification.

Adding the ability to toggle motion recording on/off (like the desktop app), and adding the Device Health (including Online/Offline, RSSI value, and firmware status) info would be a welcome addition to the website.

I’ve actually been making it a point to exclusively use the website (using Chrome) to see if anything doesn’t work. The website and everything has been working flawlessly since getting Live View to work (by granting the microphone permission in Chrome).

I timed how long it takes to open the desktop app vs the website and logging in to review events. The app from 1st click to watching a video is about 4 seconds. The website (‘bypassing’ 2FA because I selected “Remember this device”) took around 15 seconds from my desktop shortcut until watching a video. I couldn’t care less about this difference but can see why it might matter to some users that answer rings via the desktop app. However, at the same time, if quickly answering a Ring is a concern, that’s exactly what Rapid Ring is for, and it works VERY well.

It’s a shame the site (at least for now) only works with Chrome and Edge. I’m not a Firefox user, nor do I use Apple-anything but Ring should have really made sure this works with more browsers before killing off the desktop app.

Even though it might take a few extra seconds to log into the website, I have really started to like it. It works better than the desktop app for me, and I like being able to just skip from video to video without having to go back and click the next video. The search and sort functionality is also far superior to anything offered in the desktop app, having the ability to search by dates, search by specific camera, and things like People Only, starred or shared events, and so on.

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This is a n extremely bad idea. I use my desktop app much more than the app on my phone. I down load and post videos to Facebook and other sites that I do not use my phone apps for. This will be a very bad move for me.


The Ring Desktop app for Windows is a key feature I and a lot of other Ring users I know make use of every single day. It allows me to monitor my property and respond in near real-time while I continue to do my job on my computer. Without it, I will have to sign in every time to Ring.com, which is decidedly less than ideal.

I also want to express that using the Authenticator App for MFA doesn’t work for me with the Ring website, though I use it for other services and it works fine. Sometimes what I enter on Ring.com is correct, other times not, but after the verify image selection, the cycle just repeats. I had to switch to text message verification. This further compounds the frustration I feel with the discontinuation of the Ring Desktop app - the whole idea behind the Desktop App is that it is live/instantaneous. I think that I and a good portion of your user base see the value inherent in such a service.

Discontinuation of the Ring Desktop App for Windows is the wrong move, and will impact my decision on whether to remain a Ring customer. I can’t be the only one that feels this way.


I use my password manager as my authenticator as I can copy the code straight from it into the login screen. Strange that you have to enter the code every time as I have my Dashboard login “remember me and my device” and it seems to be about ever few weeks where I have to do the 2FA.
Yes, there are few people who have voiced their displeasure at the discontinuance of the Desktop App. I not being one of them as I’ve never used the desktop app. I just rely on the devices to notify me of motion in my yard then I just go to my window (if I’m home) and look out to see what is going on.
Not knowing how long you’ve been a customer realize that Ring is moving the functionality to the browser based app, unfortunately it’ll take time. It is too bad they didn’t have it working now so it would have been a more seamless change.

Bravo Ring!!! It’s not worth wasting time on the desktop version. You can now redeply these software engineers to the mobile app, where they can accelerate some of the feature requests that have been frustrating the user community for well over a year. Mobile First, Mobile Only! Well done Ring!

Really bummed about the discontinuation of the Ring desktop apps! While these apps aren’t perfect they have a better implementation than the browser integration which is still limited. The Ring Desktop Apps were key in my choice of the Ring product and continue to be the tools I use on a daily basis. Please reconsider dropping support for these apps unless the same level of functionality can be provided in a browser integration (and not just with one or two browsers).


Not to be a devils advocate or anything but I have been a programmer for over 10 yrs and in IT for almost 30 yrs and can see both sides. There are several factors that can be pushing this decision to end the desktop app.

Just theory based not actual fact.

:bust_in_silhouette: Microsoft has been making many changes to their windows platform both for hardware AND software and to go browser based is easier then jumping through hoops with them.

:bust_in_silhouette: Not everyone keeps an eye on making sure that programs are up to date and is easier to use browser based access to ensure everyone is using the same ring version to avoid lengthy tech calls to resolve an issue.

:bust_in_silhouette: Covid19 has taken alot from companies and individuals alike. Companies are having to adjust to ppl working from home that would normally be in the cube next to them and production is impacted. This also is impacted by my second point from above.

:bust_in_silhouette: originally Ring was designed as a home away from home access to your front door on your phone if I’m not mistaken. Not everyone carries a pc around with them but 90% have a phone next to them or nearby.

:bust_in_silhouette: Businesses are making choices based on how to keep afloat during the pandemic and what can reduce the bleeding of money out the door and they believe browser based is more effective in resolving this.

Still hoping against hope Ring will change their minds at the last minute about abandoning the desktop app. But it is increasingly looking like I will have to cancel my subscription and sell the useless Ring kit.


I totally agree with you. I would not have purchased ring had it not had the desktop app. I get a notification, 2 clicks and I am there. I loved it. Now I have to constantly log onto it. 5 clicks once I get to ring.com. Then sometimes I have to do the two step authentication. It has become pretty useless.


I get asked several times a day to log in again. Never had that problem with the desktop app.


But, there are more clicks just to get to the video. On the desktop, I clicked on the notification and then the video. I loved it. It sucks now.


@Chelsea_Ring Going to this site now it says " Ring Desktop App will be Discontinued in 2022". Did the date move to next year? Hoping so as it will give Ring more time to add the same features to the browser, specifically notifications, even if having a desktop app is far preferable.

Ring.com doesn’t work for me using Chrome
I’ve tried numerous times to view my Ring Camera Pro’s live video. When I try, all I get is “Activating Live View” but I never get to see it. I’ve restarted PC, but no luck. The Ring App still works, but I’ll be losing that option soon.

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Seems to be the consensus that deleting the desktop app, i.e. the primary reason to choose Ring, is a bad idea.

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A possible motivation for killing the desktop app might be simply to try to force us to buy the Echo Show

I think this article may provide another motivation for Amazon to deliberately kill Ring entirely: Amazon now has two video doorbell companies that make the same thing