Ring Desktop (and Ring Website)

If you look at various threads/posts on this website, it would seem clear that many people:

  • Are upset that Ring is planning to eliminate Ring Desktop and/or
  • Have objections to the problems associated with attempting to (quickly/easily) access their account/content/settings on the Ring website using a browser

Thus, it would seem very helpful if the someone could post a thread on the New Feature Request board which:

  • Allows forum members to vote on these topics
  • Allows forum members to list all their objections in one place

It would be even more useful if the OP of the new thread was adept at adding links to the MANY relevant threads on this website. (It would probably be an impressive list.)

Hopefully, community members will be particularly vigilant in ensuring that Ring moderators do not mark relevant threads as “Solved” unless the problems in the threads have actually been solved in an acceptable manner.