Ring cuts out after 5 mins on Show

I have one outdoor and one indoor Ring camera. I just purchased an Amazon Echo Show 8 since the Google Hub was a bust. I linked my ring cameras through the Alexa app. Works great. However the picture only shows for 5 minutes then cuts out and says … waiting for ring. Then I have to ask Alexa to show me ring camera again. Every 5 minutes. Tips? Thank you.

Hey @PIMof3. It’s possible it may lose the connection after 5 minutes. The Live View will only be pulled up for 10 minutes and then time out, as the Live View cannot be longer for 10 minutes without a manual refresh by pulling it back up. I would ensure your device has a stable connection, and maybe even try seeing if you can have the Live View pulled up for 10 minutes in total on the Ring app, to then verify if that should be happening on your Show.

Thank you! I was so hoping I could view all the time given the reason I need the camera.

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