Ring.com Account Logins

Largely due to home “confinement” as a consequence of the COVID pandemic, I have been close to my personal home computer on a daily basis. To spare the battery on my smartphone, I have been logging into the Dashboard feature on the Ring website (ring.com/users/sign_in) from my home computer to view motion alerts at another address where I have a Protection Plus plan. I recently had online login access to my Ring account blocked with the following online response: “Too many attempts. Please wait a few minutes, then try again.” I wasn’t aware that there was an account login limit. After reaching out to the Ring technical support team, I was made aware of a system algorithm that automatically blocks User access to their accounts for a 24-hour period if it detects “too many” login attempts. First, I have to point out that “24 hours” is not “a few minutes”. Secondly, I can understand having such a systemic feature to block “bots”, but it does not account for those, like me, who were locked out of their Ring accounts with knowledge of such a User constraint, or without a cautionary warning. Unless there is a valid reason for having such a system algorithm, I believe that it should be eliminated or modified so as not to “victimize” Ring users.

The following ring.com login improvements might be considered:

  1. Unless there is a valid reason to maintain this “lock-out” algorithm, eliminate it. This will serve to encourage User access (rather than discourage it).

  2. If the algorithm needs to be maintained, inform Users of the login limitations with some sort of message (on the Login page) regarding login limitations. Something like – “You have ___ login attempts remaining within the next ___ hours/days”. Another possibility might be an added feature wherein the User can demonstrate that their access attempt is not originating from a “bot”. Amazon uses such a feature.