Ring.com Account Access is Horrible

The design/implementation of the Account section of your website is truly awful:

  • The user interface is clumsy, confusing, and looks dated
  • Some critical features do NOT work at all
  • Other features load very slowly

Some things to consider:

  • Users should not be restricted to one particular type of computing device. It is ludicrous to assume that a (smart) cellphone is the Internet access device of choice for all users all the time.
  • Users should be able to quickly/easily log into their Ring account using any widely-used operating system and well-known browser. Requiring users to choose between one of two browsers is both ridiculous and unacceptable.
  • Users should be able to quickly/easily access EVERY feature in their account without endangering/violating their privacy/security.

Obviously, the Account portion of your website is a real mess and should be totally re-designed (and re-programmed) so as to meet the appropriate operational, privacy, and security needs of your users.