Ring Chime will not connect to wifi

Bought Ring video doorbell, easy install and so far appears to be a great product.
Bought 2 X Ring chimes and have spent 3 hours trying to get them working, and connection drops out every time during set up. Noticed lots of people with same issue.
RING - please help!

Success! Was reading another post with this suggestion, so I tried set up through my wife’s i-phone instead of my android, and would you believe worked straight away!! Wow

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And here’s yet another “feature”. My Ring doorbell (running on battery, not linked into house chime) connects fine to my WiFi extender. Tried to connect a Ring Chime to that same extender, and also to EVERY OTHER NETWORK my router outs out. Two separate chimes, both “setup failed to complete”. iPhone, Android, same result. Had that Ring Chime replaced by Amazon, same result. After 4- count them, 4- support calls with being disconnected more than once, I got the following solution (not yet tried). Apparently the Chime has issues when trying to connect to a WiFi network with…are you ready… SPECIAL CHARACTERS !. While the Ring Doorbell has no issues with secure SSID’s, the CHIME does!

This is really unacceptable. Secure SSID’s are required for all your networks, this Chime “feature” is probably the reason why Ring hacks have made the news recently. The (3rd level?) support person I spoke with gave me this solution, says it has worked previously.

So now I have to try to change the SSID of my WiFi extender, and of course that will break the doorbell as well as other stuff I have hooked up to it, requiring a re-install of several devices. I think this filed under “you gotta be $h1tin me”. Looks like my Firestick, Ring Doorbell, TV, Roku, and 2 other devices have be reset and reinstalled. Will I do it? Not sure, may just return the whole thing (Doorbell and all) and stick with my Skybell.

Thanks a lot, Ring…

Same here, hours on tech support, useless, chat disconnected, tried dozens of times. Google Nest WiFi mesh, iPhone/iPad, dozens of resets, signal,strength to,door now 45… will not work. I suspect an app bug … because I cann see the chime DOES actually connect, I can see it’s MAC id on my 2.4GHz network in the google WiFi app. But the iOS app times out every time for some reason…

Same issues here. 2 Ring 2 Doorbells… no issue. I’ve gone through 3 Ring (nest gen) Chimes back and forth to Amazon (exchanged) and none would connect. No special characters in my SSID. Seriously Ring?? Really??

I’m just going to keep sending them back until I get one that works. $$$$$$$$$$$$$Amazon!

Hey neighbors. If you’re unable to connect your Chime to your wifi network, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.