Ring Chime sound on motion, not always doorbell


The RING 2 PRO worked fine for months.

Since a couple of weeks I have this strange behaviour where motion is always correctly deteted and sent to chimes (sound is heard).

However, almost 100% of the times, a push on the button is not sent to chimes.

The app is also getting the ring push.

I cannot be the wifi as motion works ok …

Any idea what this could be?

Hi @OlivierVK. Have you tried toggling the Ring Alerts off and then back on? If not, I’d recommend trying this step first. Additionally, have you tested this by triggering a test event on your Doorbell by pressing the button? If you have, does the Chime sound the alert for the motion detected right before you’re pressing the Doorbell button? If so, then the Chime sound for the Doorbell press is likely not sounding as it has just played the sound for the motion that was detected.